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Logility Life Cycle Planning™

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This course introduces the Demand Planner to the concepts of Life Cycle Planning, that is, the use of profiles to help produce a forecast for an item that has either little or no demand history or has inappropriate demand history. Typically used by experienced Demand Planners for new product introduction, end of life management, short life cycle products, and seasonality management, Life Cycle Planning uses the concept of profile generation based on previous experience and then the application of those profiles for future forecast generation. This course also walks the participants through the necessary steps of appropriate history identification, data scrubbing, and profile generation and application.

Course Objective:
Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to use Life Cycle Planning to build a library of profiles and then apply those profiles and build forecasts for beginning of life, end of life, or short life cycle products.

Student Profile:
This course is intended for Demand Planners with experience using Logility Demand Planning.


  • Explains the relationship between Life Cycle Planning to other Logility products
  • Life Cycle Planning concepts
  • Item Cluster definition/generation
  • Maintaining (scrubbing) item cluster data
  • Generating and assigning profiles
  • Reviewing profile results
  • Profile assignment

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