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Logility Inventory Planning™ Foundation

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  • Next Class Start Date: February 8, 2023

Inventory Planning covers how the distribution network is built, how to manage safety stock and order policies and how to run simulations to compare the projected inventory investment and service level based on new stocking policies vs. the current stocking policies. Course Objective: Upon completion of this course, the participant will have the product knowledge necessary to apply stocking policies by inventory strata, to analyze the effect on investment and the effect on service by comparing alternate order policies. In addition, the participant will be able to set kitting relationships in the system.

Student Profile:
This course is intended for the person responsible for translating corporate inventory and service objectives into specific stocking policies by inventory strata.


  • The relationship of Inventory Planning to other modules
  • Basic inventory concepts
  • Modeling distribution networks
  • Inventory policies and targets
  • Applying inventory policies
  • Review and analyze inventory targets
  • System processing and integration
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