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Logility Interface / Administration / Security

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  • Next Class Start Date: March 14, 2023

The Interface and Administration course will defne the different input and output interface methods needed to supply the application with the necessary data to support the different applications. We will defne the different methods and the layouts needed for the interface methods within Logility. This course will defne the different areas for monitoring log fles during and after processing. The course will also defne how to create Logility run options and scripts. It will defne how to build processes in order to launch the Logility scripts and incorporate error checking for monitoring these processes. The security course will defne how to manage user rights by using LDAP, Roles, Data Filters, and feld level security.

Course Objective:
Upon completion of this course, the participant will understand how the application interprets data from the interface fles, how to administer the Logility scripts and processes and how to manage the security inside the application.

Student Profile:
This course is intended for Logility administrators and for those responsible for creating the interface fles to support the application.


  • Interfaces
  • Pyramid Fundamentals
  • Data Flow
  • Interface Methods
  • Logility Modules
  • Administration and Security
  • Technology Overview
  • Security Overview (Global Group, Optimization Group and User ADMIN Group)
  • System Processing Overview
  • System Confguration
  • System Startup
  • Licensing
  • System Best Practices
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