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Logility Database Foundation

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  • Next Class Start Date: December 5, 2022

This course will define the relationships between the tables in the Logility solution and explain how to extract data using these relationships. The course will also define the different data that is stored in each of these tables.

Course Objective:
Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to extract data from multiple tables within the Logility database. A familiarity with the Logility data model will provide an understanding of the database tables in order to identify sources for required data. The course can include an emphasis on Demand Planning, Inventory Planning, Replenishment Planning, Supply Planning, and External Arrays.

Student Profile:
This course is intended for technical individuals that have a solid foundation in SQL.


  • Demand Planning Tables (Forecast Header, Forecast Root, Forecast Time Series and Forecast Seasonal Factors)
  • Inventory Planning (Inventory Planning Root and Inventory Planning Time Series)
  • Replenishment Planning (Dependent Demand from receivers or kits, Unconstrained Plan Detail Screen, Deployment Triggers, Available to Promise, Action Messages and Planned Orders)
  • External Arrays (External Planning Tables)
  • (optional) Supply Planning (Transactional Data, Transactional Output Data, SP Released Orders to ERP, Kit Definition, Data Relationships with DP/IP and SP Processes)
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